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TRUST, The Novel

"Don't give up. Don't give in. Fight for what's yours, and you will win." This is the mantra KoShari (pronounced Ko Shah ree) lived by. Failure was never an option in her high-profile career, and she was not about to allow it to become one in her marriage. Her pristine education, superior training, and upper echelon upbringing had prepared her for a life of privilege. She was always the natural choice for leadership, and the trophy ideal of her class and peers. She loathed losing more than she liked breathing, an obsessive winner in every way. The meticulous planning of her game-winning strategies had been broken down to a science... As if true love could be broken down to a science. Time and again she experienced victory after victory. But there is something about true love that can humble the strongest, and the most clever. 

Would her exquisite professionalism prove useful when applied in her personal life, particularly in her marriage, to the love of her life? She learned that true love really doesn't make any sense at all. Her adventurous journey teaches her about things she never learned before, and exposes her to another dimension of life that she, the unshakable young beautiful siren, didn't know was possible.

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